Driving Change

Are you ready to join our new, innovative motor vehicle community? A place where you can not only plant a tree in Scotland and offset your vehicle’s carbon emissions but help to create woodlands and restore Scotland’s natural habitats.

On average, offsetting a vehicle’s carbon emissions for 700 miles is as easy as 1…2… tree!

Who we are

Net zero commitments have gone mainstream.

Governments, Investors, Employees and customers require that individuals and / or businesses communicate their plans and show real, actual progress towards reaching their commitments.


It is imperative that our customers avoid those 85% of carbon reduction projects that had have little to no impact on CO2 reduction. 

Our climate positive, carbon offsetting certification demonstrates investment in high-quality tree planting locally that not only remove carbon , but also restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods .

Get Certified

We will help you calculate or use our simple methodology to calculate your current carbon impact per journey or per monthly/annual mileage for example.

 Subscribe to our monthly offsetting service and earn the climate-positive certification. You can physically see your commitment in the area and even assist to plant your tree!!

 Through your certification, you can promote your positive impact on your customers, employees, partners etc.   


The tide is turning. Brands, businesses and reputational impact are measured by their commitment to sustainable goals. 

Whether that be friends out touring, driving holidays, camping, taxi use, flights etc all have an impact on negative climate change. 

73% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products and 60% of Gen Z prefer to buy or participate in sustainable brands and activities.   

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